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Welcome to what I hope is going to be a memorable trip through the space-time continuum and the realms of alternative medicine and psychic empowerment. A series of articles written by me may be found on the NEWSLETTER page. This page also keeps you up to date with my speaking engagements. The SERVICES page contains a comprehensive list of my audio and videotapes, including how to order them.

My patients come to my Los Angeles office from all over the world, as my books are translated in German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian and more languages to follow. The approach I use is very short term, so patients can be completed quickly and trained to continue with their own psychic empowerment and spiritual growth.

Most of the people who purchase books and tapes from my office represent the general population interested in self-improvement. The future is now, today is the perfect time to take charge of your life through the process of accessing your Higher Self.

Bruce Goldberg, Inc
4300 Natoma Ave. Woodland Hills
CA, 91364
Tel: 818-713-8190
Fax: 818-704-9189


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