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Tapes 1: A comprehensive directory of all Tapes and Books produced by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Tapes 2: Time Travelers and Spiritual Growth Tape Series by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Tapes 3: Ideal Relationship, Customed Destiny, Personal Empowerment and Sexual Fulfillment by Dr. Goldberg

Tapes 4: Astral Voyaging, Music Cassettes, Ascension Training and Dream Therapy Tapes by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Tapes 5: Karmic Capitalism, Conscious Dying, and Hypnotic Times Travel Tapes by Dr. Goldberg


You may order any of the tapes in these albums individually for $17 each for cassettes. CDs are $17 each.

Dr. Goldberg's Books

Dr. Goldberg's Tapes

Dr. Goldberg's Tapes 2

  1. Exploring The Fifth Dimension
  2. Egypt
  3. Time Travelers From Our Future
  4. Time Traveler Confidential
  5. Astral Voyages
  6. Custom Design Your Own Destiny
  7. Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed
  8. Protected by the Light
  9. The Search For Grace
  10. Past lives, Future Lives
  11. Spirit Guide Contact
  12. Unleash your Psychic Powers
  13. New Age Hypnosis
  14. Soul Healing
  15. Look Younger Live Longer
  16. Lose Weight Permanently
  17. Ascension
  18. Karmic Capitalism
  1. Hypnotic Time Travel album
  2. Conscious Dying Album
  3. Karmic Capitalism Program
  4. The Sexual Fulfillment Experience
  5. The Spiritual Growth Experience
  6. The Ideal Relationship Program
  7. Personal Empowerment Program
  8. Custom Design Your Destiny Program
  9. Astral Voyaging Program
  1. Music Only CDs
  2. Ascension Training Program
  3. Time Travelers Training Program
  4. Dream Therapy Training Program
  5. Audio Tapes
  6. Acupuncture Titles
  7. Video Tapes
  8. Metaphysical Hypnosis Training Program
  9. Conscious Dying Training Program
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