Could these futuristic visitors be aiding our spiritual growth?

Time Travelers From Our Future

A Fifth Dimension Odyssey

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

The Revelation Inside This Book Will Shock You About Man's Future!

"Be prepared for a special type of revolution as you read this book... transformation through hyperspace travel to a life of spiritual growth and unbelievable advanced technology."

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Time Travelers From Our Future

A Fifth Dimension Odyssey

Is it possible that some of the alien abductions reported each year are actually the result of our very own species visiting us from the future (Chrononauts, or time travelers)? In this exciting new book, Dr. Goldberg presents actual case histories from patients who, through hypnotic regressions, report strikingly similar experiences of being abducted by being abducted by beings who represents us- as well as extraterrestrial futuristic aliens-from 1,000 to 3,000 years in the future. Additionally, there is evidence that time travelers have abducted the same individuals in several of their past lives for the purpose of assisting their spiritual unfoldment.

"A remarkable book, Wow!"

Art Bell

"This book is completely revised from the first edition and contains 100 pages of new material, including Time Travelers in the Egypt of Pre-history, Atlantis and Lemuria"

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Goldberg explores the principles of quantum physics, which lend solid mathematical models to the theories of hyperspace engineering and travel through the fifth dimension. In addition, you will learn self-hypnosis techniques that you can learn about your own possible abductions.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg (Southern California) is a clinical hypnotist who has regressed 11,000 individual patients. He wrote the international bestseller Past Lives - Future Lives as well as Soul Healing, The Search for Grace, Peaceful Transition, Look Younger, Live Longer, New Age Hypnosis and Astral Voyages.

Topics covered in Time Travelers from Our Future:

  • How a time traveler can function as a guardian angel
  • Men in Black
  • Secret alliances between the time travelers and governments throughout history
  • Meet 9 time travelers that Dr. Goldberg has met in the Fifth dimension and learn how to communicate with them yourself
  • A 5-dimensional model of parallel universes'
  • Self-hypnosis exercises that will allow you to travel back of forward in time and custom design your own destiny
  • The physics of how a time travelers can move through solid objects and observe us while remaining invisible
  • Physical signs common to abductees
  • The experiments of time travelers such as the building of the pyramids using anti-gravity flying crafts

Paranormal/Self-Hypnosis/ UFO Abductions

300pp. bibliog.

ISBN: 1-57968-013-5
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